Business Golf: Coming to a Town Near You

So, you are out on the internet since you can’t get out of the office to play golf.  Though you would take a break from that two day conference meeting you are conducting in the conference room and needed to find something to take your mind off things for awhile.

Or, you are snowed in sitting with your laptop in your Lazy Boy recliner watching the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic while surfing the golf tags you have on your FeedReaders.

Either way, you are wondering what this Business Golf stuff is all about.  And if you have been to my site before you know I have been talking about Business Golf for sometime now…and why?

Well, I wrote a book on it.   But you probably already know that since you have probably already been to Google to find out who the heck am I.  Good move…

Business Golf is something that every business person, which would be anyone working, retired from working or independently wealthy wondering what working is all about, should use to improve themselves professionally; enhance their companies revenue horizons or to just play more golf.  It is good for non-golfers and naturally the golfer.   Yes, Business Golf can address all of this and more.

So, check back frequently, I will be talking much more on Business Golf right here and will be letting you know in a few days on where you can learn even more about Business Golf.

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