Golf: Round Two

It is the second week golf and second PGA event for the season.  The venue is still Hawaii, kinda a paid vacation for PGA Tour Players…that is for those who make the cut, or it just becomes a vacation for the ones that don’t.

But I am excited to say with he second week of golf nearly over the reporting of the golf in the Dallas Morning News sports section has moved from page 11 to page 5.  I would like to be able to report this as being a promotion by the sports editor of the Dallas Mornings News, but I can’t since the sports section was only 11 pages this morning compared to the 14 pages previously reported.  OH, yes the DMN did put a big spread in on page 4 for the Byron Nelson sponsorship drive starting Wednesday…and I only mention that because my friend David Feherty was featured speaker at the Sportsmanship kickoff luncheon.  It will be April or maybe March at the earliest before golf will be up closer to the front of the print media, with the Masters and the Byron Nelson being the only reason for those promotions.  Then as the LPGA starts golf will again move back to being reported in a three inch square on the page after the championship rodeo stats. I’ll continue to provide you with my look and others on the disrespect the print media has for golf as it progresses.

Back to the second PGA event, yes… Michelle Wie struggled to a respectable 8 over during the first round of the Sony Open,  respectable if you were a 10 handicapper.  I still think that there are some hyperventilation issues she is having from being back on the tips where the fairway looks like a razor blade standing on edge.  Those 7000+ set-ups are a long way from the 6000+ courses played on the junior circuit.  Yes Michelle can hit it a long way, but when it is taking everything she has to keep up with the men, not boys, she maybe just a few bench presses short from having the endurance, nerves, and mental strength to hang in there…but, hey, the money is good for her even if she posted my score for what I would shoot from back there.

It is just week two, and Tiger and Phil will show up soon.  I am sure they are in back to back meetings with their financial advisors discussing the goal for this year and I know how long it takes to get to see my FA, so they may be having to be on call to be worked in their schedule…yaw right.

 It is cut day for the PGA Tour, so I will cut this one off here and hopefully be back to report on the latest in golf tomorrow.



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