ClubCorp Sale: No New Plan


Well it took a week for KSL to announce where it was going to invest and the mistakes continue to pile up on where the money is going to improve on the facilities they own.

OK, $150 million is a lot money, but according to the announcement made in the club’s monthly newsletter is not initially going to do anything with the Flagship club that started it all 50th years ago, Brookhaven Country Club.

With Brookhaven celebrating its 50th anniversary it would seem only respectful to announce the building of a New Clubhouse, New Golf Academy, New Golf Course a New Resort to be added , or something New for the next generation of members.

But, nope! No announcement yet or will there be one? Or will the announcement be one that the members who have built ClubCorp are not going to what to hear? One of the many mistakes being made by the management who is leading the sale of ClubCorp and of Brookhaven…

Guess the realtors need to stand by, there could be a lot of golf course property up for sale here in Dallas.


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