Business Golf: Added Value for Business

Each day I get someone ask me the question, what will I get out of playing Business Golf?  Good question that I address many times and really don’t tire answering because what I have to say on Business Golf works.

The time and money you spend to play business golf builds towards a return on the investment.  For the time that is invested, usually Business Golf brings with it an opportunity to get out of the office, exercise, clear your head and think a little clearer. For the money invested with the time, if done correctly Business Golf can secure short and long term returns on the investments made to playing Business Golf.

Most golfers like the fact that taking a client out to play golf is part of doing business when you are playing Business Golf.  For the bosses, knowing that the employees know how to play business golf insures that they are helping the company instead of frittering away time and money.

Non-golfers have problems understanding the concept of Business Golf and would rather spend time fretting over matters that make them feel they are doing business.  These same business people are the ones who feel golf is a waste of time which is usually based from a lack of understanding more than a lack of interest.   That is why I spend so much time with the non-golfers in my seminar/workshop to explain and outline the difference in playing golf and playing Business Golf.  Afterwards IO get a number of business people who want to know how to get started in learning to play golf so they can get with playing the very valuable Business Golf and get in the markets they will never get into without playing Business Golf.

Where Business Golf adds value is in the building of solid business relationships.  I read where others are saying the same thing but cut short telling you how to go about building the relationships.

What you get out of Business Golf is what you put into it.  Put nothing into it, and take none of the opportunities that golf can provides, you get nothing.  Learn to play business golf and use the methods that work to accomplish something and you get as much or more out of what you put into the efforts to play Business Golf.

I suggest everyone give it a try…it works if done right.


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One response to “Business Golf: Added Value for Business

  1. Scot,

    Great to find your blog. Thank you for inviting me to you seminar last year on business golf. Tell Kat that I am committed to taking golf lessons this Spring.

    Tamera Bennett

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