Business Golf: BAM! 2007 Is Here


2007 is finally here and I have been waiting since October 2006 to let you know what is going to take place this year.

First of all, Business Golf is going to take off all around the world. I have been providing my viewers, fans and many supporters with a little bit about what Business Golf is all about since 2005, but in 2007, you are going to get to finally get to see what I am providing to you here in this blog.

Here are the bullet points of what well be added, changed and improved upon:

Blogging:    I will be breaking my blogs up into different categories and providing different feeds to satisfy those who have specific interest. 

Unleashing my 32 years of business management experience upon the world. I cut to the chase scene quickly and provide you with what you need to hear.

Keep the Golf Blogs glowing with hot news on what is going on around the golf world.  You will see Mr Business Golf on a number of my close friends blog sites who are centered in the Golf Market….and something special that only members will get to read, or in some cases, SEE.

Blog feed for those Business Golf fans.  There is a HUGE interest in wanting to know more about what can be done to use golf as an effective Business Tool and not just a six hour sales pitch.

I will be logging in a few travel miles this year so I will have a breakdown of all of the best places to play Busienss Golf.

Off-The-Wall stuff I will continue to highlight such as the better TV shows, good food, best Martini’s and so forth

Podcasting:  Mr Business Golf is adding another Podcasting Show to the already popular Mr Business Golf Show and Happy Hour with Mr Business Show…it will be Ask Mr Business Golf.  I will be answering in Podcasting the questions I am getting on Business, Golf and Business Golf.

Business Golf Blog: My site will be moving to its own Domain.  Look for that move this month

VideoCasting: I will be bringing in Videocasts as something NEW to the Mr Business Golf list of broadcasts and I will be getting help from my MANY friends I have met out in cyberspace.  Namely my good friend over at, Scott Walker will be opening up his site to add Mr Business Golf.  There you will get to read my exclusive blogs and later this year, see Mr Business Golf do what he does best, show you how to play Business Golf.

Seminar/Workshops: I have contracted a Sports Marketing group, Sports Directions USA to promote and book the How To Play Business Golf Seminar/Workshops. This will start this coming Summer.  There will be 7 seminar/workshop starting in June and covering seven locations in the Northeast and East Coasts of the USA over the first of the summer.   This is where you can come see and hear what I have to say about Business Golf and then Learn How To Play Business Golf….go to to learn more

Business Golf Schools: Yes, I am teaming up with Dr Lester Bouchard,, to develop the ‘I Have Always Wanted To Play Golf™’ Golf School. 

New Book:  You have heard me talk about it and I have been working hard on getting it done and it looks like it will be finished this year…what am I talking about?  It is my NEW BOOK, How To Play Business Golf in Las Vegas…Yes, I am serious and you should be also, especially if you are trying to find a way to get an edge on your competition, or just want to find a way to get your business expenses covered for going to Las Vegas… You may think you know how, but I show you have to improve the chance of making a successful trip

Business/Social Group Launch:  Yes, Mr Business Golf knows about social groups and he also knows about Business Networking groups…I have spent two years studying this phenomena and made notes on all of the sites and groups that SUCK…so, in order to show everyone that I do know a little bit about what is needed in these gatherings I am adding my experience to launching my online and offline group named….BizTini™ .  Yes, it is for real and if you are serious, and I mean SERIOUS, about wanting to get out of the MySpace and Ryze sites and get to know people better, then BizTini will be the place.  So, start writing up your resignations from the groups that suck and get ready to learn how to use the internet and your business/social time more effectively.

Rex Duff Dixon: And I have not forgotten my good friend and online running buddy Rex Dixon, or as he is now knows as Rex Duff Dixon….Yes, RD has made some changes and he has become one of the rising stars of the blogsphere.  Together, we will be opening up a can of wipe ass with the launch of the site everyone is going to want to be part of the ‘GiveMeAFrigginBreak™’ site where you post all of the stuff you find on the internet that is absurd or questionable value to anyone, and then see how many people agree or disagree with what you have found…yes, it is about time all of the stuff like rebellious CEO’s showing up at a respectable convention of fellow CEO’s wearing open toe sandals will be highlighted and shown to the world as something or someone who needs to Give Me A Friggin Break…join in the fun on this one…We know you are going to want to join this site.

Yes, Rex and I have come a long way and even though we have two different paths of business ventures we are joining forces as we suggest some of our viewers to, to join tradition business with the new Web 2.0 internet experience. 

There are few more things Rex and I will be cooking up for anyone who wants to learning how to play the Blogging game, so you will have to stay tuned to both of our sites to keep in touch with what is going on in the world of Business, Technology and Business Golf.

This should get you started to knowing what I am doing in 2007…now lets see how this all unfolds…stay tuned.



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