You Drink, You Drive: You Run A Real Good Chance of Going To Jail

I was driving home to Dallas from a long golf weekend in Austin and right after I hit the city limits of Big ‘D’ there they were…the nice clean shining White and Blue Dallas Police vehicles along the road…right over the hill or parked behind a bridge embankment…set up to pick off anyone who wants to test the speed limits around Dallas.  And with it being New Year’s Eve, I am sure it is going to be tested by someone.

But as I passed the half dozen or so I saw from the South of town to Far North Dallas, there was no police officers in the cars….and thinking back from when I saw the first one, they were placed in some really convenient places where if you were speeding when you came up on one you would be cleaning your britches out for the next few miles….  It was like someone had thought out the exact spot to sit a car where it would catch your attention.

Now,  I will have to applaud the new police chief of Dallas if this was his idea because it worked.  Instead of those cars sitting in the Police Garage, put them along the side of the road so it makes the drivers think…much better than some of the Colt Malt Liquor ads on the billboards. 

Those empty cars made for a real pleasant drive through South Dallas where if you are not driving at least 20 MPH over the speed limit you are going to get run over.  Not much better on the North tollway where with that road being so straight every BMW and Lamborghini in Dallas finally get to shift into their fancy ‘6th’ gear of those new transmissions and push the boundaries of ridiculous speeds while weaving in and out of bumper-to-bumper traffic…but this time, it was pleasant and a nice drive all the way into my driveway and into the garage.

So, thanks City of Dallas, for thinking innovatively and spending the Tax Payers Money’s wisely by placing empty patrol cars around town…I am sure it will come in handy in a car chance to be able to use those cars like the pony express…Oh, I forgot, that is Fort Worth style, not Dallas.


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One response to “You Drink, You Drive: You Run A Real Good Chance of Going To Jail

  1. Great post!

    I’m new to the Big “D,” and I’m often baffled by the audacity of cars that speed excessively through work zones, with complete disregard for posted limits and warnings.

    If you’re not driving at least 15 MPH over the speed limit, you’re tailgated. There’s got to be a better way….

    Take care.

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