Bradford HomeSuites-Austin: Not A Home away from HOME

 If you are reading this than you are either one of my faithful fans or wanted to know if the deal at the Bradford HomeSuites-North Austin, TX is a good deal.  Bottomline: NO!

I am sitting here at 6:30AM in the Bradford HomeSuites in the dark at what they call a desk.  I report it being dark because every light in this room is hooked to one switch, with the exception of the kitchen, or what I would call a galley.  Anyway if I cut the lights on it would wake up my wife who had a hard time getting to sleep due to the noise you hear going on in every room in this building. Plus the alarm clock that keeps going off in the room next to us where nobody is staying was really annoying.  I need to use the restroom, but noise the toilet makes is close to what a shuttle launch makes I did not want to wake everyone in North Austin and since the guy upstairs must had visited one of the local bars for the FREE Beer, I go to listen to his toilet launch every hour or so. 

Additionally, the room is so small that we barely could get all of luggage in here for the three nights we are staying…but back to why this place sucks….the size of the room.  The bed was advertised as being a queen, but I am not sure I know what queen it was measured for since this bed is really small.

Drawer space…well, there are two drawers to put you clothes in.  Bathroom: Yes, it was indoors, but very small.   For what was advertised as luxury stay, I would really hate to see the regular style hotel. 

I would say this was not a value and I would take it that since there are only four other guest in this building, which there are three buildings with the same number staying in eac (which is very odd since the surrounding hotels booked solid), I would say the status of the Bradford HomeSuites in North Austin near the Arboretum has been known for sometime…I just thought that I would provide a fresh report for those looking to stay here.

If it wasn’t for the other places being booked for some UT activity, we would ahe checked out…..and since we came to play golf…we stayed at the club moswt of the day…

So what do they need to do to improve this joint:  If Bradford is reading…guys, put some king size beds in here and you may maybe able to say it was Upscale.


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