Wendy’s Three Tour Challenge: Yes, It Is Holiday Golf

Scot DukeI have not cracked open the sports section of the newspaper in two weeks since there are no sports I am interested being reported. I haven’t really looked at the sports news on TV lately, other than to see Dale Hansen (Sport Director for the ABC affiliate here in Dallas, TX) sarcastically bash Jerry Jones (which I thoroughly enjoy since Mr Hansen and I grew up in the era here in Dallas when Football was Football and not the “Saturday Night Wrestling Match” flavor of football Mr Jones has made out of the Dallas Cowboys and football in general so he can profit from it and take all of the money back to Arkansas where he belongs and is the number reason I do not open the sports section or watch sports news on TV.) (But I Digress).

I did however have my wife program the TiVo to pick up and record anything related to the sport I love and only watch, Golf. And when we came in from the movies last evening I noticed that TiVo recorded a Golf Program on the ABC affiliate…I thought Santa must have come earlier, and when I turned on the program it was the forgotten Wendy’s Three Tour Challenge.

Now here is an event that I will have to admit is not very well produced and has unfortunately fallen to the wayside of golf events. It has an outstanding format where three teams of three from each of the tours, the PGA, LPGA and Champion’s Tour, play in a team format for some pretty good chump change and for charity.

Again this year the event was played at one of my favorite places, Lake Las Vegas, but the field this year was not that impressive…the LPGA outshined the rest with their players and maybe that was what the thought was. Natalie Gulbis, Christi Kerr and Julie Inkster all represent the past, Current and Future of the LPGA, the PGA starless team had Zack Johnson, Stewart Cink and Scott VerPlank with the Champion’s anchored with the marquees of their tour, Tom Kite, Craig Stadler and Jay Hass…

The play was average, the talk was interesting….seeing Natalie’s home was nice, but it looked unlived in….another one of the many GiveMeAFrigginBreak moments during the program.

But HEY! It is GOLF and for that I am very, very, very thankful and not having to watch the Donald Trump crap on the Golf Channel anymore….

Hopefully, with my help in 2007, more businesses will come to see the opportunity they are missing to rise and shine in the eyes of the golfers who represent a pretty well off demographic. More businesses need to get behind the sponsoring of more golf tournaments so TV can see they need to capture that revenue and hiring some of my new friends who know how to produce a top notch golf event that can be put on the air during this time of year when golfers are really hungry for golf since they are stuck in their houses during the winter. Yes, they are missing some prime business opportunities that they can’t get any other way…

So, watch golf, and yes, you can watch the Wendy’s Three Tour Challenge…maybe if the rating went up they can bring in the names like Freddy and Tiger and Ernie to play in a ‘three club and a putter’ match against the other two tours full bag format…I would fly out to Vegas to see that one…I would even caddy for that one…

Yes, I love golf and business…such is Business Golf.



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