Studio 60: Can The Writing Beeee Any Better?

studiopass_promote.jpgWalter Scott in this Sunday’s Parade Magazine was asked why Studio 60 has not received more acclaim on TV and his remarks are the same as mind.  The show is promoted as a comedy and has a line-up of actors who are fully capable of delivering comedy.  If there was anything that could be improved on Studio 60 is the comedy, but since the director, Sorkin, is not know for his comedy he could be driving this outstanding program out the door.  I am with Mr Scott that hopefully Mr Sorkin can stand by his word that he does not want to do another West Wing and he will bring in some comedy writers that will unleash Mathew Perry to do what he does best…make people laugh….

(Sorry I did not provide a link to Mr Scott’s remarks in Parade, I’ll leave it to you to decide if you want to sign up for Parade Magazine and wade through the SPAM that is connected with that…)


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