Cellphones & Red Lights

Cellphone usage while driving through red-lights is getting totally out of hand…and it seems to be growing.  And why is this?

I think this goes deeper into the social rationalization of how the cellphone fits into the world’s culture…I say this because this problem with cellphone usage in traffic is not just isolated to the USA…it is now worldwide and people are getting killed everywhere in the world when someone talking on a cellphone runs a red-light. 

What should be done about it…well, they have the cameras now at the intersections to photo red-light runners, put the camera so it could also see if they were on the phone… and then give that drivers cellphone number out to every mom or dad, husband or wife, brother or sister who has had a loved one killed by someone who ran a red light while on the cellphone so they can give them a call every once in a while during the night when they can’t sleep…that should get them off the phone while driving…

Other than that…I am listening….



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2 responses to “Cellphones & Red Lights

  1. One obvious solution is to use headsets, which leave hands free to drive.

    But the reality is that listening on the phone is different from listening to a radio. Talking on a phone is different from talking on a radio. We don’t know how the brain differently processes such tasks. It may be that humans can learn to talk on a phone and drive mindfully, as we learned to drive mindfully while listening to the radio (I’m not so sure about watching movies while driving).

    If one’s life is so sedate that one may commute without occasionally, or often, using phones in the car, good on one. Most of us are not so rich in time or money.

  2. And some people just don’t care that there are others around while they are driving and talking on the phone…the old ‘I’m Better Than You’ or ‘Look at me, I’m talking on the phone, I am a very important person, get out of my friggin way’ type of people….these are the ones I am concern with…

    Short story: My wife was driving through an intersection and got broadsided by a guy talking on a cellphone…he continued to sit in his truck fighting the airbag and talking on the cellphone for nearly 5 minutes before he decided to get out of the truck and check on there three other people he hit, still holding the cellphone, the police arrived in three minutes and he was still on the phone. He finally got off the phone after the police requested he do so…now that is an example of the type of people who are out on the roads around the world.

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