Blogging: To Comment or To Not Comment

I was talking to a business associate today about blogging and got this quick remark…”OH, never comments to anyone’s blog, you will be covered up with SPAM if you do.”  Since I know this is not true I take this as belonging with the same adage that you can get a girl pregnant by kissing.

But is that the reason people who read blogs don’t comment?

Really, I do not see that many comments to people’s blogs that I read.  When I do it usually is more of a chat or argument between two people over a subject…that is not commenting to me.

Stats show that thousands read blogs, but only a very small percent take the time to tell the person writing the blog what their thoughts are on the subject.

Of course, when someone is blogging on picking boogers, I am not sure there is a need to comment…their blogging on that subject should stand alone…literally.

Commenting on what someone else has to say should be more directed to the subject and providing an alternative point of view than to just comment to be commenting…

Yes there are the idiots out there the spray the blogsphere with comments to get traffic to them and that could be referred to as being spammed.  But on the most part comments should state a point or statement of support to an issue and not a notice that thee is a sale on Xboxes at Target….

I suppose that is why most people don’t comment…



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4 responses to “Blogging: To Comment or To Not Comment

  1. Almost random observations:

    1. Many people just have nothing to add to the conversation.

    2. I suspect a lot of blog hits are by bots looking for ways to spam — and they don’t leave comments that get past the spam filters.

    3. Stage fright affects people even when they are on the internet.

    4. Many bloggers publish stuff that isn’t worth commenting on. (Probably including me.)

    5. It’s doubly frustrating when you need comments, and you ask for them, and no one comments.

    6. Blogging is quirky. Who knows what will strike the reading public’s fancy, or when?

  2. See, my new friend edarrell has got what it takes to make a comment…a agree/disagree point of view that I totally respect and totally agree with on the rational of the reasons why people do not comment and what is causing the large ‘Hit stats’ for people who blog and get no comments…go point edarrell

  3. I was wondering why post which was seen more than 700 times does not have more than 10 comments – now I see that this may be a trend . At the same time comments are important – mainly because I write about things I am passionate on and in way receiving comments really helps – and it is nice.

  4. There are people out there who feel obliged to comment on other’s work just to Be NiCe BaCk. I have to admit, me and my girlfriend were those types for the first little while. but,,,,l yeahh!.

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