Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Lasik Surgery Christmas Concert-Dallas


This past Saturday, Dec 16, some friends of my wife and mine graciously invited us to go with them to a concert they had tickets for which the seating was in one of the Suites ….nice… the group was the Trans-Siberian Orchestra…and my wife and I were very grateful for the invitation and had a great time.


OK, enough of the pleasantries… as concerts go this was more of a show full of theatrics and the like.   The entire production was completely catered to the non-musician market since the focus was clearly on the narrating, the antics, prancing and the band members’ staged movements all looking very canned.  A very insulting event for musicians who understand and appreciate the high level of difficulty the music was performed.   And the music seemed to be third behind the lighting…OH, the lighting.

Now I have been to my share of productions where lighting has been part of or the entire show and this light production at this concert was completely over the top and was so distracting that it took away from the bad acting and the great music….  Mike Daniel of the Dallas Morning News was way too kind in his review this morning of the concert, or maybe he wasn’t and the good part of his review was cut so the Movie Advertisers at the bottom of the page could be provided more space…who knows.

I was not aware until I read Mr Daniel review that Al Pitrelli was part of Megadeath and Alice Cooper…he must be a golfer if he played in SC’s band…there is still a chance for this group then if does play golf…but I digress.

But the bottom-line was:  What a waste of musical talent and energy to power those lights and flames… I would have loved to been able to see the seven members of the band do a set where the house lights were up and there was an arrangement for each musician to be showcased….that would have saved me a whole lot of brain cells from all of the lasers being shot around the American Airline Arena,  or maybe they should have had each person provide medical insurance ID at the door and provided lasik surgery as part of the admission….it would have been much less painful that the full bore strobes…   but the seats we had were nice…


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