Michelle Wie: Sony Ads


michelle_wie.jpgI got my paper this morning and after dumping out all of the Christmas ads on the floor so I could to the two articles on golf buried in the sport page, I notice on top of the pile a picture of a lady that look familiar and is usually not seen in this type of media.

But, I guess I better get use to it because it was Michelle Wie, all dressed up with her hair down, most likely covering those jungle-gem looking ear-rings she is best known for.  And she was smiling straight into the camera very uncomfortable holding a Sony camera…

Well I had to pick this ad up.  Not really needing a camera I did look through the ad, which I guess that would be a win for the marketers, but I was looking to see if they had anymore photo’s of Michelle…and there was…a very, very small photo of Michelle being much more relaxed, but not holding a Sony camera.  I would also be much more relaxed not pitching a produce also…

I guess this is what golf has now come to…or is it just what Michelle Wie has now come to…a marketing machine.  Now I am not sure how many cameras this will sell, but for all of the 16 and 17 year old boys who are hitting the paper to get to the comics…I am sure a few of them are going to stop for a second or two when they see this large photo of a girl dressed in a Red dress staring at them with a big smile….  Who knows, maybe they will forget about that Xbox game ad that is in the next ad and want to get outside to pick up the game of golf so to get a chance of finding a girl that looks like that…

Or just by the camera so they can go around taking pictures of girls like…which ever…hopefully there was a slight glimpse of a chance someone getting more involved in golf after seeing Michelle’s photo…it is just a hope.


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