Club Corp: Employee Christmas Cards are Pink this Year

Well, it is the Holiday Season and just in time for the season of merriment, Club Corp has started handed out the pink slips…. This is not surprising since foot dragging and cutting communications pathways to the membership is usually the sign of a plan the members are not going to like is about to be sent out to them.  Or at least that is all that can be apprised from this situation where a plan is not being provided to the members on how the sale of CCA to KSL will affect the members and, more importantly, the property owners residing along all of the aging golf courses in CCA’s stable.   

As I mentioned, the red flags have been flying for sometime now and the small red flags located along the property lines of each course are now much larger and now are being run up the pole at the CCA corporate office in Dallas.       

It is very unfortunate that corporations find that purging a workforce is the way to make changes and purging them before the end of the year is the best time to do it.  All of these actions indicate a faulty leadership that was not thoughtful enough to begin the purge after announcing the intention to sale which in this case was seven months ago…a much better time of year to find a job.

OH Well, the saga just keeps going on and the more time that passes with no communications on what KSL’s plan is for rebuilding or tearing down the empire that Deadman built, the more fuel is being pored on the fire that is raging within the memberships of these clubs that need millions of dollars of needed updates.

 Be open of your intentions to all involved when making a decision is what I provide my clients when I consult them on these similar matters.  It is the best way to smooth out the road that is going to be bumpy.  And in this situation where the new owners KSL Capital Partners or the selling company, Club Corp of America, not saying what the plan is could result in a large number of members sending CCA Christmas Cards that are Pink.

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