Club Corp Sale: The Flags Are Waving

Well, only a few more weeks left in 2006 and still no word, or at least official word, on what KSL Capital Partners have up their sleeve with the very soon to be Club Corp of America purchase they made.

I am sure Mr Robert Deadman Jr. has already made his Christmas reservations at Pinehurst, if not, for sure his New Year’s celebrations to be held there, and not at the clubhouse his father built here in Dallas.

But as far as what the Plan is from new owners KSL, well the little red flags are flying along the edges of all of the properties CCA owned from the official property survey that is part of any real estate transaction, I am wondering if these little red flags were one part of a very big Red Flag that usually is flown when an announcement of billion dollar purchase is not preceded with an announce of a Plan.

I know it is pretty much tradition to not let out a plan on strategic changes to the public so not to give away some sort of competitive edge, but in this case, where the business that is being bought is being bought by an investment group that has no track record of being able to manage a large fleet of private and semi-private country clubs that are funded by members and not customers, makes this transaction not a situation where the people who pay the bills and create the business’s profit margin should not be told what the plan is.  This situation is more like winning over the stockholders in a hope to keep them from selling out.  Not much profit in running a club with no members, is there?

Well, I guess KSL is going to use the annual Christmas Party Garage Sale to see how many members are still left to pay the bills.  As far as the propertied owners around all of these aging CCA facilities…have you spoken with a Realtor lately? 

Scot Duke is President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC and author of How To Play Business Golf.  Mr Duke uses his 30 years of business management experience to help business owners and executives develop their business to be more successful and mentor business people on how powerful of a business tool Business Golf can be towards solving many business challenges. More information on Mr Duke and Business Golf can is available at the Innovative Business Golf Solutions web-site.


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