The Skins Will Live ON: No Matter what the Media Says

I notice that Gary Van Sickle at SI took a shot at talking about The Skins game and I can agree with what he has to say with the exception with hinting that the Skins Game could be done away with and showing the Grand Slam instead because it is in Hawaii and not on another Desert Course….  As Mr Business Golf knows, there is no better golf than Desert Golf in November…

And then the Sports Frog blog, taking the biggest cut at The Skins…not sure how much a golf fan arronbond is, but hey, he shot it straight and Mr Business Golf shoots it straight also.

I agree with the need for The Skins Game to change, but no go away.  What The Skins Game needs is excitement and it needs some drama…we had enough of that stroke play slug fest.  November is time to see what these guys can do.  I like new players. Stephen Ames was good to see what the future of golf is going to be like and we need to see the boomers who can turn up the heat when it is for one hole and all of the money.  I like it when something unusual is done, like letting Anika show us she can play. 

But what I think needs to be done is to open the door a little and look to some show players who have Game….  Let’s put Boom-Boom against Bubba, Monty and Michelle Wie, if she wants to play with the boys, well I am sure this would make her cry mommy when she plays boys who can play golf. 

Lets put Tiger against Jonathan Kaye, Padraig Harrington and Karri Webb.  I would like to see Jonathan’s blood start to boil like it did when he was up against the Tiger in Phoenix and then let Kerri keep the guys in line while Padraig slices and dices the course up to his size and walk away with all of the money….

I don’t need to see the marquee players or the players that mostly none golfers know, I wasn’t to see the golfers who really play golf and play it like the golfers on the publics who are down three in a $1000 Nassau and just pressed with $10 in their pocket…. I would like to see those Ledbetter puppies against Harman’s army of ball crunchers.

If TV sponsors want excitement then make it exciting by looking for the guys and gals who play to win the money that is on the line, not for sponsor’s money or appearance fees…this will get the channels changing from the boring football games that are mostly commercials over to a real sport and honest money. 

Show golf as it is rally played and get Anzinger and Faldo on the course and out of the dang booth…their clubs talk much better than they can….gees.  The Skins game will live on and it will change, but not go away.

Scot Duke is President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC and author of How To Play Business Golf.  Mr Duke uses his 30 years of business management experience to help business owners and executives develop their business to be more successful and mentor business people on how powerful of a business tool Business Golf can be towards solving many business challenges. More information on Mr Duke and Business Golf can is available at the Innovative Business Golf Solutions web-site.

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