Employee Disgruntlement: How To Improve it.


Segal/Sibson Consulting published a survey warning employers that their dissatisfied employees may be bolting and that throwing money at them will not stop them.

I have been saying this for sometime now and really expand upon this in my How To Play Business Golf Seminar/Workshop.  The problem that was confirmed in the surveys Sibson Consulting conducted was as company’s get leaner the bosses begin to loss touch with what the employees actually do for their company.  As companies cut their management crew to satisfy the senior level officer’s annual bonuses the situation of unhappy and over worked employees gets even worst.   As employees get more and more dissatisfied the more they will leave and no amount of money will keep them.  Then the amount of operations for that company in training and hiring new employees frequently will far exceed the losses the dissatisfied employees cause by leaving.

I agree with the survey and feel that the costs associated with losing valuable employees is far worst that the survey will show.  My advice is bosses, business owners and anyone who has more than one employee need to spend time with their employees and I mean REAL time with their employees.  Playing Business Golf is the way to do it, but you need to know How To Play Business Golf…. Don’t risk making things worst by thinking you know how to use golf as a business tool.  Find out for sure by leaning How To Play Business Golf.

Scot Duke is President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC and author of How To Play Business Golf.  Mr Duke uses his 30 years of business management experience to help business owners and executives develop their business to be more successful and mentor business people on how powerful of a business tool Business Golf can be towards solving many business challenges. More information on Mr Duke and Business Golf can is available at the Innovative Business Golf Solutions web-site.



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