Skins Game: Rookie Wins

You have to give it to Stephen Ames, he made a name for himself today at the Trilogy Golflg-skins-logo.jpg Course where the 2006 LG Skins game final nine holes were played, but it took 12 holes to determine the winner.  $590,000 went to Stephen Ames foundation that supports Junior Golf…which Mr Business Golf is in total support is a great cause.

Fred Couples held his own and did hold the lead with some stellar play and is still Mr Skins with the most Skins ever won of any of the players who have played over the 13 years of The Skins Game.

John Daly looked a little tired or hung over…I really would like to see JD make a change in life styles for him and his kid’s sake.   Loosing some weight, stop smoking and drinking…one of these would help and all would be better.  If he wants to play for many more years he is going to have to take care of himself. 

Fred Funk ‘The Funkster’ has Fred Couples fondly called him, was skunked, but did provide for some great entertainment with JD, with playing like he was JD’s caddy and providing JD with a Little nine iron, (about 20 inched long) and a Big wedge (A club with a head the size of mini cooper).  And then JD and Fred Funk hitting their drives at the same time provided views another look at what these guys call having fun..  It was all in fun and Funk was a great sport.

So, we have to wait another year for the Skins Game to come around again…

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  1. Nice concise updates on this event! You are right, the skins game does change. I figured (being a non-golfer) that Fred Couples had the thing locked down, but again, Mr. Business Golf was telling me that the skins game was exciting to watch and brought out the real men in Golf!


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