SKINS GAME! Skins Game! skins game!

Anyway you say it, put it or write it, it says EXCITEMENT! If you are not a golfer because you really don’t understand what the excitement is all about, the SKINS GAME that is airing the first nine holes on ABC this afternoon at 3:30PM (EST) is the place to see golf at its best, played by its best. Then come back for more on Sunday, where the play gets even better and the money these players are player for per hole get up there… It really gets exciting and is a must see for everyone.

If you are a golfer…well, you are there and like the rabid Chicago fans say about theirfred-couples-skins.jpg beloved Bears Football team by saying ‘Da Bears’ I don’t need to say anything about this game of golf other than…’The Skins Game’…

MR. Business Golf will be planted squarely in front of the Screen to watch this show of the best Golf that can be played.

As I know my good buddy Rex Dixon would tell you how to do…set your TiVo now if you are going to be out shopping during this time frame…it is worth watching later…




Expect something funky from Funk in Skins Game



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One response to “SKINS GAME! Skins Game! skins game!

  1. bjaywalter

    Fred Couples success in the skins game come down to the fact that he is a tremndous shot maker. Consitency isn’t rewarded because other players can bail you out on a bad hole. but ocasional brilliance every two or three holes and you take home the bacon.

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