Business Golf: A Lot To Be Thankful for!

Yes, it is Turkey day tomorrow and yes, it is that time of year when you reflect back on the year and pick out all of the things that you are thankful for.  And Mr. Business Golf is no exceptions.

First I have to be thankful for Carl Youngberg, speaker extraordinaire, introducing me to the American Society for Training & Development as ‘Mr. Business Golf’.  That name has stuck and now describes who exactly I am out here in the business and golf world.

Of Course, I have all of my friends who I have met on the golf course during my research of the writing of my book, How To Play Business Golf.  And to all of my friends who I have never seen in person but seem to know so well that I I have met on the Internet, thank you for your interest in what I have to say.

And for all of the online, social, business and golf groups I have been a member of, some more than others and to the many that sucked and gave me so much to write about this year and probably for ever. 

And to the Podcasting world…wow, what a year.  Just think, if it had not been for a guy in Seattle cutting me short in my interview of him on what podcasting is all about and how he would give me 15 minutes free and then $400 an hour after that, and then to tell me that he has a flat rate of $2500 for all I am needing to know,  well to him (He knows who he is) thank you for pushing me to find that podcasting is free and spurring me into now having thousands of listeners all around the world, many who are fighting military men and women overseas. 

And now for the future, a special thanks for Mr. Rex Dixon….yes, he deserves the Mr. title since he is the only professional Blogger and Podcaster that pumps out more interesting technical information than anyone of the internet…yes, I have checked and there are bloggers who pump it out and have more viewers that Mr. Dixon, and there are Podcaster sitting in their engineering studios who are pumping out more highly sponsored syndicated Podcasts than Rex, but there is NOBODY who is doing both and still working a day job.  Folks, if there were more people out in cyberspace like Mr. Dixon, then we would never have to worry about spam, viruses or twenty year old kids wearing open toe sandals to a meeting of CEO’s, ever again…

So, what is with all of the thanking you’s?  Well first of all it is Thanksgiving and second of all, it is also the beginning of the time of year where business people evaluate their year and make plans to adjust to what the needs are for the business.  And Mr Business Golf is no exception….

The positive momentum that has generated behind Mr. Business Golf and Business Golf itself has already gotten me excited in what I want to do for my fans next year….and that is what I am going to work on next.

I will introduce to all of you over the next six weeks a little tid-bit at a time of what is going on for next year.  OH, it is going to be good and it is going to be fun, and for the golfers it is going to kick ass, and for the non-golfers, you need to get in line to joining the many who are going to want to start learning the game of golf so you can be part of what Mr. Business Golf is going to be doing in 2007.

But that is enough for now.  Everyone enjoy the holidays, and for our military personnel all over the world these Holidays, well Mr. Business Golf wants to be the first in line of millions here in our country who want to thank you for what you are doing for the world….we will not forget you.

So, I am heading off to the Thanksgiving table, and I hope you are too.  Until we meet on that first tee; let me know how I can help and Happy Thanksgiving.


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One response to “Business Golf: A Lot To Be Thankful for!

  1. Thanks for the props MBG! Here is to a great 2007 — yes a little early, but as soon as Turkey day is over, before we know it – New Year’s eve will be here!


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