Studio 60: Can’t Cancel A Winner!!!

OK, I am back, not fully up to speed but I am back… and I chose for my first blog back, afterstudiopass_promote.jpg being hit with computer problems from Hell, was to talk about something that I have found very, very entertaining on Television.

Now, let me first say, that since leaving the comfy surroundings of the corporate world I have not watched too much TV. OH, yes the occasional golf tournament or the Evening News and Sci-Fi Friday …but that is it.

Now, there is a show that I have blogged about recently that I have to say is the best written show I have seen and I have watched a lot over 50 years….too much I might add. And the show I have now fondly set TiVo to make sure it records in case I miss the live feed, is Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

Now, people ask: Mr. Business Golf, what are you doing watching a drippy dram-edy? And my answer is abruptly; because I like it! But to provide those who have to know why, well as I said, it is well written, the players are not well know with the exception of Matt Perry, who I have previously mentioned as really maturing into a GREAT actor after leaving Friends….and DL Hughly, who finally has found a spot where he can show what he is truly made of, Tim Bustfeld, who could never get rid of his nerd image after playing one for so many years, is now a well rounded actor, and then of course Seven Weber, for his start on Wings, is now playing a rotten studio exec, a part he must enjoy since that is what he has played more of since Wing….so, yaw, most of the cast are veterans, but the newbie’s are also refreshing.

If you have not seen the show, watch it.  It is take-off of the Saturday Night Live and is a behind the scene look at what could go on behind the scenes.. I find it very educational on how TV programs are put together and having to account for every second of the air they are on…and as far as the Business….I like the way they describe the way the TV industry is constructed….if you have not been watching from the beginning, see if a friend TiVo’d it and bring over a few bottles of wine over to their  place and have a Studio 60 Recap party…catch up so you can also enjoy a very, very well put together Television show.

Yes, Mr. Business Golf does TV Reviews as well as golf course reviews…all of the finer things in life, I review hese things so my fans can make sure to not make a mistake and what TV if there is nothing to watch or go play golf at a place that is really not worth the time or money…stay tuned….Mr. Business Golf is getting ready to launch his New approach to blogging right after the Holidays…


Scot Duke is the author of How To Play Business Golf and president of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC. Mr Duke brings his 30 years of business experience to the Business Golf Blog and Podcasts; Mr Business Golf Show and Happy Hour with Mr Business Golf. To purchase his book or to book Mr Duke for speaking engagements or the How To Play Business Golf Seminar, go to the Innovative Business Golf Solutions website at



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