Mr Business Golf: Knocked Off The Air

OK, Mr. Business Golf is nearly back…where I have been?  OH, let’s say I have been insick-computer.JPG the Hell of rebuilding a computer and all of the software reload issues on Rex Dixon over at Technically Speaking would really know about…


Yes, something hit my computer and slowly started the cascade into the Hell of having to rebuild a CPU piece by piece and the reload of XP Professional that does not ahve SP2..OH Boy! …  I will share with you as much of the gory details when I get all he way back live and worldwide, just like Rex Dixon.




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  1. Keep at it. A friend of mine use to say “OS reloads builds character.” He of course was talking about Linux, but I think it still applies to what you are doing. Yeah, I’ve been there, done that – and it does suck. Remember way back in the summer when I lost my main computer due to my power supply frying in that freak storm that St. Louis, MO had? It does suck to be down, that is for sure!

    Hang in there, I’m sure you will be much happier once your new set up is all fixed and rolling.


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