Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip: All Thumbs up

Now when it come to TV there are very few shows worth the time to watch.  Outside ofstudiopass_promote.jpg the original series that the Sci-Fi Channel has produced like StarGate I pretty much leave the TV on the weather channel.

Now, when the hype started on the show Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip I thought I would take a look since it had Matthew Perry.  I like Matt and his style and now that he is older it is good to see that he can take his style and adapt it to something as intelligent as the Studio 60 show. 

The good news is it is snappy…for the lack of a better word to describe the pace of the dialogue…if it wasn’t for my TiVo, I might be left behind on what was said.  The bad news is it is TOO DARK….I know it is a story of TV studio and it is filmed in a TV studio but does it have to be so dark…dark halls, dark boardrooms and even in rooms where there are windows the room is dark….

But over all, the cast works and the rendition of Corporate America is pretty close to being right on the mark…with the pompous CEO throwing his weight and the producers mocking everything…well it is a show loosely depicting the coverage of SNL…but this one is in LA.  

I really hate the rumors of this show being canceled.  I really enjoy it and it is the only show I take time to watch….  Give it a chance before it is criticize and let good TV shows stay on the air long enough for everyone to get settle in on the show.  I think the best thing would to put the show in a better slot and it will do better….Monday’s are not the best, but it is a good test.  Studio 60 has passed so  NBC, lock this one in and give your viewers something worth watching.

I look forward to this show going on for a while…

Scot Duke,  President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, and Host of the Mr Business Golf podcast, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool.  To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit



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