Mr Business Golf Show Nov 6, 2006

golfshow2.jpgToday the subjects I will be talking about will be …

·        Ryder Cup Captains

·     Club Corp Changing of the Guard

·        Business Golf-The Book


Mr Business Golf Show Nov 6, 2006


Ryder Cup Captains. 

The pick for the team captains for the 2008 Ryder Cup was no surprised and probably will produce another So-So Ryder Cup event.

Paul Azinger was chosen for the USA and Nick Faldo for the Euro Team….since these two guys have been in the booth together analyzing golf for a number of years I find this match of excellent golf experience to be the most entertaining part of the event.

Paul with his dry wit and his more recent stint of playing on the tour will provide for some interesting decision making.  Following up Tom Lehmann will probably be easy since there was no lasting mark there to over come.  But what I will be watching closely is who he picks for his assistances.  Cory Pavin did OK as an assistant, but if Freddy is not in contention for the 2008 team I would be widely disappointed of Paul not picking Fred Couples to be his assistant.  I see Fred being the captain of the Ryder Cup in the very near future….

On the other side of the Pond with Nick heading up the winning team, this too will be very interesting to see what develops as far as how Nick deals with the on sought of young European players hitting the scene.  On the same page with Freddy, I see Colin being a natural Ryder Cup captain and if he is not a contender in the 2008 play, then he too should be a shoe in for assistant…he is an icon of the Ryder Cup like Freddy and those to guys would be the best cheer leaders either side could think about having and could be the ticket for the Ryder Cup to become a more exciting event for the next two cup matches since it will feature two future Ryder Cup Captains in lesser roles working way to being the captains…I think it is what the Ryder Cup is needing.

Club Corp Sales Continue:

In my blog on November 2, I reported on the change KSL Capital Partners, the new owners of Club Corp of America, made with moving the CEO of Club Corp, John Beckert, to the KSL Board of Directors as senior advisor.  And placing founder and principle of KSL in the CEO position of Club Corp.

How convenient and was probably part of the sale since Mr Beckert was just brought in a few years ago by CCA to obviously facilitate the sale of the company.  That is his history so the sale of CCA for those in the know of how corporate wrangling goes was not a big surprise.  And the move of Eric Affeldt, founder of KSL Capital Partners to CEO was also concerning, but expected since the owners always want leadership of something own.

But the concern here is, where are they leading CCA.  KSL has not practical experience in managing Private Country Clubs…OH, yaw, they manage resorts and daily fee golf courses, but a Private Country Club, or even a Semi-private Country club is a whole different animal which takes a lot of experience to know how to handle.

This move also take Mr Beckert out of the line of fire if something the members of the private clubs are not going to like hearing that is going to change….or maybe not. 

Who knows, the plan still has not been told the members, or at least this member, and as I have mentioned before in my previous reports to you, not jumping in on the day of the announcement of a sale of a company that has such an aged facility base and telling the people who pay the bills what the PLAN is does not come off as a good sign to these members who hold the checkbooks KSL is going to need opened to pay for their deal.

Maybe Mr Affeldt will do what Mr Beckert couldn’t and let the the 200,000 members and 18,000 employees of CCA know what the plan is….Having gone through many, many of these type of changes over the past 30 years, I am not getting a good feeling about what Santa could be bringing for those CCA employees or the members, during this Holiday season.

Business Golf – The Book

As usual, I leave you with more thoughts on Business Golf and this time my message is quite simple, READ The book.  I can talk for hours on the do’s and don’t and the methods and procedures to follow to playing business golf, but the most effective method I can provide you to getting a complete handle on what I am talking about completely is to read the book. 

The How To Play Business Golf book is full of everything you need to know about why golf is the only activity or sport that can be effectively used in developing a business or improving the company’s bottomline.

I have spoke on what is in it for Non-golfers and I have found it really encouraging to hear from non-golfers that after reading the book they understand more about golf and what the big deal is…TV and newspapers and even the Golf Channel show people one picture of what it looks like to play golf, combine all of that with how I show you how to use golf as a business tool and you come out with a very powerful understanding of how to play Business Golf.

And for you golfers…there are many of you out there who think you know what I am talking about, you may want to get to book to find out.  I think you will be surprised with what I have found most golfers are doing that does not work…and I can tell ya right now, Business Golf is not a six hour sales pitch…nope, you do that and you are losing about 90% of the people you try it with..

It is all in the book and you pick up a copy at Innovative Business Golf Solutions, 


Once you get the book you will understand or even if you just want to cut to the chase, I am available for bookings of my seminar/workshop where I come out, show you what I am talking about, provide even more data and explanation and rationalization on what Business Golf is and how it can help your company’s particular situation.  Send me an email for more information on this wonderful opportunity to learn more about why you should be using business golf as a business tool.

You can get more information at the IBGS web-site,

You can read more about what I have to say on a lot of other issues in the golf and in business world at my blog site

To secure speaking or seminar engagements contact Experts that Speak at or call them at 214 227 -9916.


Scot Duke,  President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, and Host of the Mr Business Golf podcast, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool.  To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit




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