Club Corp: First Change at the Top

Could this be the first show of the hand in the change in what is going to take place in Club Corp? Could it be the first glimpse of the plan that KSL has for what will be done with some of the aged facilities they have on some very valuable property? Or is this just business as usual?

All of these questions and more will need to be answered soon to keep the stability of some great stable revenue from the thousands of loyal CCA members to stay around to find out.

It could be the move of Robert Beckert, CEO of Club Corp, to the KSL board of directors as senior advisor is to make sure KSL sees how things have been done at CCA for 50 years, or it could be part of the plan, or deal, to move him out of the way so he is not part of the fray of changes that are going to be made that people are not going to like…kinda a way for him to not look like the bad guy…it has happened before.

The move of KSL’s founding member and principal Eric Affeldt into Mr Beckert’s position also is an interesting move…it is normal for the new owners to take control, but usually they take control of something they know how to do…which Club Corp is not something that KSL know how to do…

Well, we will have to see what unfolds with the final questions being…Could they get the news blip about this change ANY SMALLER? Like did you know want us to know about this move?

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