Making a Hole-in-One Can Get You Sued

Since I am the tournament director of a Charity Golf Tournament I can tell you, the pressure from the Sponsors can be tough, but this story on the SI.COM site that was an AP report of a player asked by a sponsor to play on his team an go for the prize of $50k for making a hole in hole did it and now the sponsor wants the money because he asked the guy to make the shot.

The story went on to say that the golfer who made the shot wanted to use the money to help start his career as a PGA professional, but the sponsor wanted the funds to go to the charity… 

Mr Business Golf feels that if the Sponsor wanted to support the charity he should pony up the sponsorship money and let the guy who had the skill enough to make the Hole-in-one go for his dream of doing that for a living…or the future PGA members let the sponsor have the money if he sponsored him on the tour…then it would have been a WIN-WIN for both and not hashed out in a courtroom where the charity looks like a bad guy…geesh.  As is, the Judge is not letting the golfer who made the hole in one use it because he felt he should give the money to the guy who invited him to play…so much for the future ofsandbagged teams.

Check out the story

Golfer sues over hole-in-one prize

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