Rudeness: Is It Genetic?!

Now that I have the time, I take the opportunity to watch people as they are doing stuff that should be normal…like going into a restaurant to eat or to meet with someone or both.

This evening, I was out by my self for dinner at my favorite sushi café and got there before the crowd so I could watch people. It is fun, but yet sad, how some people feel they are more important that others and see no problem with not respecting authority. And there were a couple of these fools at the café I was at.

The first one came in with his backpack slung over his shoulder looking like he just got of the plane from Seattle, and proceeded to walk right by the hostess and head to one of the only remaining booths left in the place…

The waitress seemed to be a little up set, who knows because she was speaking Japanese under her breath, but she was gathering up the menus and accessories to seat the couple this small person just pushed by to get to the booth. The couple, being a bigger person than him literally, took a table next to the sushi bar far away from where this idiot was sitting.

What this guy did had caught the attention of the owner, but before he could get over to the booth in comes the second gift to society with a Bluetooth earpiece on proudly looking like a Borg from Star Trek.. He too had an even bigger backpack over his shoulder and he bee lined it to the booth.

Well the owner, a good friend of mine, did what a very good manager would do and asked them if there was a problem with them checking in with the Hostess?

Well, there was, because #1 macho man felt since they were going to drop a lot of cash on some sake and sushi he need not bother waiting on her since she looked business. Macho man #2 asked what the bid deal was, saying “we were hear first”…and they wanted to make a big scene.

Well, my friend, and there is a good reason he is a friend, because he knows how to take care of the people who disrespect him and his people, he waved off all waiters and waitresses with a little signal he told me he does when he gets people (or out-of-towners as he calls them) who feel that their money talks louder that their respect.

So, the owner sits with me and he said “watch this show” and he ordered me another beer.

Over the next 10 minutes one by one each waiter and waitress when by and started taking one item off the table. First it was the sugar tray and then the happy hour plaque and then the candle and the finally the flower… these guys were too busy talking on the cellphones and looking at their laptops and palm pilot to know that they were being set up for NOT GETTING ANY SERVICE that evening.

Well it was about 20 minutes before one of the guys tapped a waiter walking by (who tried to dodge the tap like playing dodge ball) to get some drinks. His reply was, “I’ll send someone over to you to get that for you.”

10 ore minutes and these guys were heated and talking real loud. The line wsa growing outside to get into the place and the place was packed.

About that time the owner got out his cellphone and made a phone call in Japanese (I have got to learn that language) and out from the kitchen comes Oggy…I have never seen this guy before, he looked like a sumo wrestler that got off his diet. At that time the owner got up from my booth and said “It’s show time”.

The owner went over to the table and asked if there was a problem. The macho guys started getting louder and louder on how crummy the service was and they were there to order a lot of food and drink and nobody seems to care. The owner said they were “correct, because if they are not caring enough to stop and show respect to his wait staff and let them seat them where there they could service, then they are not caring if they get any service.”

Well this pissed them off and they started the wrong thing to do and that was threatening the owner. And my friend stood his ground and said ‘Gentlemen I am going to have to ask you to leave.”

Now, this really got tense and Oggy started getting a little restless and was positioning himself to take them out one under each arm, but the macho due packed it up and they were off, talking loud and yelling…and just before they got to the door a huge gong went off and the wait staff all come rushing out applauding the owner and then everyone in the restaurant stood up and gave him a standing ovation… Oh if you could see the dynamic due’s face…

But this is what is going to have to take place more often all around the world to bring respect for one anther back to our culture….

I am sure you can agree…. OH. And the sushi dinner tasted better than ever…

Scot Duke, President of Innovative Business Golf Solutions, provides over 31 years of corporate management experience to helping small businesses improve their marketing strategies. As author of: How To Play Business Golf, Mr. Duke outlines the steps to sucessfully using golf as a business tool. To learn more about Mr. Duke, IBGS or to purchase How To Play Business Golf visit




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  1. That is a great story! I would have loved to seen that happen. It is quite interesting when you go and just observe people.


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