Trading Online Networking for More Face Time

Martha Irvine reported for Associated Press in this morning paper on how people are rethinking their need to be part of online networking groups. 

Some trading Facebook for more face timeAP LOgo

Online generation rethinks popular social networking Web sites

08:06 AM CDT on Monday, October 9, 2006

By MARTHA IRVINE Associated Press

This my explain why there are so many dead profiles and unsubscribed memberships on MySpace, Tribe, Facebook, StumbleUpon and other online groups I am visiting. 

I totally agree with Mr. Henderson and Mr. Bugeja on promoting the need for people to get back to face-to-face conversation and take it a step further with advocating when someone does take the time to have a face-to-face that they use that time to get to know each other instead of sharing their tips of the latest key function macros for your Blackberry.

Come on, let’s get back to being a society who wants to get to know each other physically and leave the online social groups to bridging distance between acquaintances.

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