Business Golf: What’s In It for YOU?

As in everything you do in life and business you want to know ‘what is in it for me?’.  

Leaning how to play business golf is no different.  The first thing that comes into a person’s mind when they hear what I am talking about, whether they are a non-golf, an avid golfer or a professional golfer…they want to know why should they learn to play business golf and what is in it for them?

Both questions are answered in my book; How To Play Business Golf, but let me touch on the question of what is in it for you?

What is taking place on the golf course today, that some business people feel is playing business golf, is hurting them more than helping them.  And the reason all businesses are out using golf is to make an attempt to increase productivity and improve profits, which is at jeopardy if they do not go about playing Business Golf correctly.

So What Is In It for YOU when you learn How To Play Business Golf?

The three things each person will accomplish are;

  1. A complete awareness how to and understanding of the importance for developing solid business relationships,
  2. Learning why businesses need to quit using golf as a sales tool and use it as a business tool
  3. And understand why businesses need to stop treating a large percentage of their customer, employee and vendor bases as being disposable.

The product of all of this is long lasting business relationships that will take a business long into the future… or at least to the 18th hole.  After that, it is up to the business to hold up to what they invested into the time and effort to what they accomplished.


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One response to “Business Golf: What’s In It for YOU?

  1. I think a lot of this is common sense and understanding people. I play golf for pleasure, not for business, yet, I have ran across several folks whom I would end up working with and playing with. Golf and business both revolve around personalities. We have a regular foursome, but we push and move as each has business or family obilgations. That leaves room for new friends and acquitances to join in, at least on an occasional basis.

    I’m a firm believer that you’ll learn more about a person in 4 hours on a golf course than you will in months at work. Do they play winter rules in the summer? Lift and clean regardless of conditions? Do they have a firm grap of the foot-wedge? If so, I think I’ll stick to my friends and partners. All of whom I would trust to take my daughter on a date as well as to conduct business with.


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