Martinis: Not An Ol Fart Drink Anymore

It wasn’t until I was in my late 30’s before I could stomach a Martini…  What a puncMartini Glassh in the face get that first time you load one of those baby’s up in your hand knock back that first shot.  But then you think, wow, I am not sure I can drink this and then looking at the bill say, OK, I am committed to get my money’s worth out of this baby, and you take the next hit.  After about three sips you say, ALLLLLRIGHTYY then and that punch is now like a powder puff.

Dirty and straight up with three olives, Straight Gin, with a microscopic amount of Vermouth and a splash of Olive Juice to take the edge off…that is the way I like it…

Now, there are a number of people who know more about Martini’s than I, probably thousands if I was to research it.  The fact of the matter is, Martini’s have been around since the 20’s and their popularity has really not let up and why is what I am not sure. 

Is it the glass it is in that makes you look like you are 007, or is it the kick you get from just one drink…they do pack a wallop for such a small drink?

And who is drinking these concoctions anyway?  It use to be the father’s drink or in the old movies the guy who was the oldest looking would always be drinking on a Martini…giving it the Ol Fart Drink tag.    But now days, I walk into a bar and everyone is drinking Martini’s.  Even the first timers who are just turning 21…instead of drinking Champaign to celebrate their turning 21 and of age to drink, it is a round of Martini’s.  

So who cares who is drinking them, it boils down to this, you either like them or you don’t and if you don’t the people who do usually don’t mind because they look at it as there being more for them to drink.  So, there.

Now that you know what is on my mind, I think I will have a Martini..

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