Drum Café: Not What I Thought It would be.

Now, I have to tell you, over the past 32 years I have been to more than 100Drum Cafe teambuilding events.  Yes, I have done the fire walk and have done the rope walk more times than I want to remember, but the one I went to last evening was a little different and, I will have to say, a lot more entertaining.

So, my 101st teambuilding event was with the Drum Café.  This was a spirited activity that included each person in the room, which there was about 50 in this room, all having a drum.  Now these were not little toy drums these were the real deal, African tribal drums.

The activity was lead by a group of drummers from around the world who were extraordinarily talented percussionist.  A very uplifting activity to say the least.  The rhythmic beat did bring out each person’s inter-self.  We learned how to communicate across the room with our drum.  The most basic form of communication was more effective than talking…if I could send my business card in a drum communications I would be set.

The only downside was after really getting into beating the drum for an hour my hands were hurting…but it was fun and out of the 100 teambuilding events I have been to, this one I can say is better than most.

Get with the beat and try the Drum Café the next time you feel the need to dance to the beat of a different drummer.



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  1. Hey – it might get you to get in the mood to pull out the guitar again! I wouldn’t mind having some drums (drum kit) in this house actually. I can’t play drums, but it would be fun trying!

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