If T.O (Terrell Owens) Played Golf


If you live in Dallas like I do, it is hard to get away from hearing about T.O. (Terrell Owens).  Even on the golf course…’hey, did you hear what T.O. got away with today?’  Come on guys…not in my backswing…

Every channel on the tube has some point of view and ever sportscaster has something to say…mostly saying the something.  You all living in NY and CA, you get to see this mess from ESPN or online just a couple of times a day….I have to hear it and see it every frigging minute of the day.  At business meetings, at lunch, at the grocery store, the dry cleaners…and yes especially at Home Depot

So’ let’s have pleasant thoughts now and talk about the weather.  Yes, the weather is changing here in North Texas.  The 100 degree temps are still here but their days are numbered.  I will not be long before it will be Friday Night Football….dam, couldn’t get away from something related to T.O.

OK, let’s try this.  The weather is cooling off so golf can now be played the entire day and not just at 6AM to 10AM.  The only other activities being held after that time are two-a-day football practices…see, I went and did it again…something relating to football which leads right back to T.O.

OK, let’s face it.  Let’s talk T.O.  Jerry Jones in his infamous wisdom knew what he was getting when he signed T.O. for a ka-trillion dollar.  Yes, he knew that as soon as T.O. cashed his signing bonus check he would immediately become a professional ‘stationary’ cyclist for the entire training camp.  

No, No, No, you do not want to get tough with your ‘billion dollar baby’ and make him mad or something awful like telling him he is fired…he might not want to play for your team if you went and did something like that.    Or, even suggest that he might like have to practice before he can play. 

No, they are not going to do that.

No they are going to make their injured kicker play in a preseason game hurt and aggravating the injury even worst  and then discipline the kicker for being hurt…but, not T.O.   

OK, enough of this BS.  Here is the question I know you all have the answer to. 

If T.O. was a PGA Tour player would he be getting paid for riding a stationary bike on the tee box while the other players hack it our for a living? 

Do I have to answer that? 

What is wrong with JJ and the almighty Coach Parcells who use to eat prima donnas for breakfast?  This is football.  Aren’t you supposed to play hurt?  At least that was what I was told when I played football.   Come on, lets get the football off the tube here in Dallas and let other things be talked about that are of much more interest, like the Ryder Cup.  I will even go for NASCAR or Bass Fishing Tournaments….just no more T.O.

It is painful enough for everyone here in Dallas starts off their small talk with ‘How about that T.O.?”   Maybe he should play golf…then I would care…


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