Beast Of Burden

(Here is an article from my good friend Rex Dixon. A great point to make for all authors and bloggers, including me.)

That song just happened to pop into my mind as I was formatting this blog in my head today. You know the song, by the Rolling Stones right?

Computers in general are a great way to make a living or use to make your living easier. What everyone tends to forget is that in terms that are not so nice – computers are STUPID! That’s right, as dumb as a box of rocks or I guess I should say as dumb as a box of circuits.

People seem to forget that computers are inanimate objects. In layman’s terms it’s nothing more then a piece of electronic gear that does some rather nifty things for you. The only issue that people seem to always forget is that it does *NOT* think! I say this from years of working with them, and people who believe that computers can think. They can not.

Annie get you gun.

Why did I just type that? It was done to obviously illustrate a point. Most people will read that and not think twice. They will visually insert the “r” where there is none. Some people will do that. Others will read it as is, and will go, “Ah, the person meant to say your and not you!” In either case, the computer usually will not catch that as an error.

Wear know mane has gone before.

Again, the computer won’t ever hit that last sentence. Does it make any sense the way it is written? No. Does the computer hit on it at all? No. You as a person, do you understand what it says? Yes.

That right there is the main difference between humans and computers in a nutshell. Computers in our society have become our own beast of burden so to speak. Most people rely on them daily in their workplaces or at home.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you must never remove the human element from your professional life. Anytime you communicate via a blog, e-mail, web site, instant message, or forum online you should strive to come across as a person that still knows how to use that one last human element. That of course is our ability to think. Thinking is what separates us as the more intelligent objects on this planet Earth, at least Technically Speaking.

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