Golf Equipment: What Is The Goal? (Part One)


It is true that golf equipment has come a long way since when Tom Morris and crew were knocking around a ‘feathery’ with clubs made out of wood.  Now we have rubber coated four piece balls that are measured by ballistics meters and hit with clubs that are made out of meteorites or something.

What brought on the need to change from leather wrapped feathers golf balls being hit with clubs made out of a limb of a tree, to balata wrapped rubber bands balls being hit with a pure steel club?

Depending on what today’s manufacturers are saying will depend on the answer to my question.  Some will say the change was to improve your game.  That assumes you had a game to improve.  Others will say to make you more competitive.  Again, were you competitive before?

What is this telling someone who has no idea what the game of golf is about?  Well, probably nothing.  People outside of golf see golf as a game that is very difficult to learn.  True, some parts of it are, like learning the rules and etiquette can be very difficult.  But, with today’s golf equipment, hitting the ball has never been so easy to do.  That is if you get equipment that fits and is of high quality.

Golf equipment manufacturers should be telling non-golfers that they want to make the game easier to play. If the golf industry wants more customers they need to promote the ease of using their equipment. But none of them come right out and say that they are trying to make playing the game of golf easier.

Golf is not a sport or game, or activity that is natural to play. A person cannot just pick up a golf club and immediately go out and hit a golf ball.   Unlike baseball or soccer, the skill of hitting a little white ball with a small stick does not come natural.

Human’s movements are based on what it had to deal with over the ages to survive.  Hunting and running.  So the muscles humans have developed over time were for throwing a spear, hitting something over the head with a club, or running like hell from some predator or from another human who was throwing spears or wanting to club someone over the head.

Taking a stick and trying to hit a small ball off the ground just did not happen enough during our evolution to develop the muscles so that particular movement became a natural instinctive movement.

In order to play golf you have to be taught or shown, or at the very least have had an opportunity to have seen, a golf swing.  And like almost anything else, the human being had to learn everything that was outside of its evolution, like reading, writing, arithmetic and the world’s foreign policies.

So, why aren’t the golf equipment manufactures marketing their products as something that would make playing golf easier?  Well, they have tried, but their marketing groups have found that telling you that their equipment will make playing golf easier is not providing golfers with anything that sets them apart from the hundreds of other golf equipment manufactures whose products make it easier to play golf.

They would rather show you how much money they can spend having a professional golf tour player tell you that their equipment is better or is number one on tour.  Are you going to know if that is true are not?  They are betting that you will not bother checking, so they will say whatever they want.  Are you going to purchase equipment because a high paid professional tour player said the equipment was the best?  Well, if you are already playing golf you probably will.  If you are a beginner, what else have you got to base it on?  So, you are going for the equipment because the commercial looked good not on if the equipment is any good or not.

The USGA has standards on how and what all golf playing equipment should look like and play like.  This makes all clubs look and play alike.  So with that rule in place there is not really enough difference in the design or look of golf equipment to really make a difference in what a golf club looks like from what one golf equipment manufacturer to another.  So, what are the differences that each manufacturer is selling?  It is getting down to colors and bells and whistles.   The bottomline: It gets down to which Feels good to swing.

Swinging a golf club is easily taught.  And once you get the principle of what your objective is in creating the golf swing then putting a club in your hand and actually repeating that being is really pretty simple or do-able.  But if you put a club that is too long are too heavy in your hands and swing it you might not hit the ball.  After putting a well made balanced club in your hand you will ‘Feel’ how easy it is to hit the ball.   That is the difference in the golf equipment manufacturers.  Some produce ‘Feel’ others produce ‘Looks’.  Which produces a Good Golf Shot?  Answer: Feel

I’ll be back soon to provide you Part Two and to finish my thought on what the Goal is in Golf Equipment.


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