Palm Springs Golf & Martini’s

I was just told by my better half that we are heading to Palm Springs for our late Summer Vacation….she is not having to twist my arm to go..  Yaw, I know. It is going to be hot, but the price is right and free golf is pretty hard to turn down, especially in Palm Springs.

We were out there about 10 years ago and rode out a 7.3 earthquake at 2:30AM and then got up and played in a couples golf tournament….that was fun..(not!)

We are going back to relive some of those memories…leaving the earthquake out of it.

I know where all of the cool golf is.   Yes we are doing A to Z golf.  We are even going to make a day trip over to Cota de casa Country Club (my very favorite golf course in Southern California) to play 36 holes.  It is the only golf course I have played where they serve sushi at the halfway house… you got to go play this one.  We will be playing a couple of the Mission Hills Resort courses. The Dinah Shore course at Mission Hills Country Club is closed for renovation so we will miss that one.  We will be playing at least one of the Indian Wells courses and maybe both.  And if we can squeeze it in, we might play PGA West Stadium course…

But, Hey, I can’t stay on the golf course all day.  It does get dark in Palm Springs…and I know I am hitting the pool at the Westin at Mission Hills.   Besides, I am on vacation.  .So, what I want to know is if any one knows any cool bars to go to out there where the beer is cold and the martini’s are on a leash…

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