Mickelson: Another Major Missed

Phil Mickelson is way too far back in the field of golfers at the Open to be seriously considered a contender, but I hope he does well.

Now I know there are a lot of people who know Phil Mickelson much, much better than I.  I am just a fan and truly feel he has the ability to sit on the same shelf with Tiger.

But like so many of his fans, and probably friends, I am very concern with his play lately.  I think he and John Daly have somewhat of the same problem with being physically able to hold up to a long day of golf.  Phil, much like JD, looked plum warn out yesterday and again today at the Open. 

Not only does it look like he is physically out of shape, I can’t say enough about how that crappy driver he is using just does not look like it fits him.

Yesterday and today, he was in the hay more than the fairway.  He was really putting the pressure on his short came and that got to his putting.  Both of Dave Pelz teaching. (And don’t get me stated with Dave and his approach to the short game and putting.)

I feel strongly that Phil needs to get back to the shape he was in 2004 and back to using the Titleist clubs that got him the multi-million dollar contract with Callaway and to the level of play he was at that made Callaway offer him the big bucks.   If he was to do that, then I think Tiger would start having a steady playing partner every Saturday and Sunday…


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