Business Golf: Where Golfing Turns Into Businessing

I was on the phone recently with one of my associates who always greats me as ‘Mr. Business Golf..  I take it lightly, but I guess I should be honored since with the release on my book on How To Play Business Golf the reviews pretty much confirm that someone needs to be the expert on Business Golf… so why not me.


There are two questions I typically get when I am talking to people about my book.  From the business people who are golfers, who have tried to use golf in their business, the question is; “how can I get golf to work for me”?  And the second question comes from the non-golfer business people who find the subject on Business Golf beyond their understanding.  Their questions are always something like “How can Business Golf work for me if I don’t’ play golf?”


Both of these questions are very good questions and I will spend a lot more time discussion this in the revision of my book.  To answer the first question ‘how to get golf to work for you?’, the answer is;


Golf is always working for you.  What is not working is the way you use it.  The only time golf will work against you as a business tool is when you try to use it outside the steps I lay out in my book.  Anything outside this process is not Business Golf; it is just golfing with a client.  And there is a huge difference when it comes to achieving a positive outcome.  Remember, the number one mistake business people make when attempting to play Business Golf is to try to conduct business during the golf…A certain way to fail.


For the non-golfers and the question ‘How can Business Golf work for non-golfers?’  In some ways Business Golf can really work to the non-golfers’ advantage more so than the business people who plays golf.  Non-golfers can approach playing Business Golf a little more naively and open since the conversation and an invitation to learn how play business golf would be more of an invitation to join them to learn How To Play Business Golf.  A lot of the business people the non-golfers will be inviting to play Business Golf will also be non-golfers.  This makes going to one of my seminar/workshops a great way for them to doing something together which will build that long lasting business relationships.


Look for more information on what Business Golf is truly all about in my upcoming articles and get ready to join in the online discussions about Business Golf soon.  More exciting stuff is developing on Business Golf, so stay tuned for more announcements on where you can find me on the web.


Scot Duke


Innovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.


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Author of: ‘How To Play Business Golf’, From The Boardroom To The Fairways…

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