Street Golf: Passed the Limits

WHOA!  What is up with this?

I have been thinking for a few days on if I even wanted to provide any credence or attention to this bastardization of golf.  Yes, I was young a few days ago and this looks like it would be fun.  Yes, I can see that the youth stuck in the city need something to do to keep them away from the video games.  But, Urban Golf?  This sounds and looks a little militant.  I can see kids lobbing a nine iron shot over a building into the next block where kids are playing kick ball…’Incoming!’  This group reports they are not promoting the aggressive form of urban golf that is played in SF…is there anything done aggressively in SF?  And they don’t play in residential areas are where there are cars.  The photos look like they might even be playing in the dark…but that might just be the black and white images.. I am not sure if this style of golf is still going on since the last post to their site was in 05.  I can see where this could be a simple game of hit the ball to there and you win, but I also see someone’s car windshield catching an approach shot…I guess to them, the windshield is like a two stroke penalty or something.. if the ball sticks in the windshield you have to lay it like a hazard!…

What I am afraid of is what someone who is not really interested in the skill of the game might do if this was played in a crowd of people on a street.

Where are they going to take this…are they going to have the UG Open Event, where you have play in SF where you have sink a putt down California Street at midnight.  I could see a par five from Van Ness back up to Nob Hill and then a little par three through Chinatown…the finishing hole would be down by the wharf since there is this huge water hazard on the left like at the TPC and Pebble Beach. 

Now that I think about it, maybe that is where the commercial of Tiger hitting the ball in Manhattan came from.  Since he only plays in the majors, maybe he was playing in the Urban Golf Masters.


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