Summertime in Texas: Yes, The Skeeters Are large

It would not be summertime in Texas without, 100 degree days, Skeeters and cold beer.  All of them are part of being in Texas.  If you take away the 100 degree days you could be anywhere but Texas.  If you took away the Skeeters, but still have the 100 degree days and cold beer you could be in the Antarctic or someplace in Oklahoma.  If you take away the beer, well, let’s don’t even go there, especially if you are going to be in 100 degree heat with Skeeters… You would have to be in Utah or someplace where there is no beer and I am not even going there.

Besides, I was talking about Texas Summers.  Now, some say…’what the heck does all of this crap have to do with Golf?’.  Well, have you ever tried to play golf in Texas when it is 100 degrees with Skeeters as big as Rottwilers and just as mean?  Well it takes at least a six pack of beer to tolerate both of them.  And after you drink the six-pack you have forgotten about playing golf and it turns into a scenic ride across the golf course just ahead of a swarm of rabid Skeeters… to go get another six-pack so you can play the second hole…

Believe me, I am not stepping foot onto a golf course here in Texas when it is 100 degrees.   If you do, you are either going to get eaten alive by the Skeeters or run over by one of the golfers who is driving back to the clubhouse to get another six-pack because they birdied the third hole…


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