Golf: A Metaphor of Life

I have heard it said many times that life’s problems get played out on the golf course.  I am not sure what famous person said that, but when I am out talking about Business Golf I get business people who play golf make that comment so I can only assume that it had to be someone REAL famous to say it.  I have even has one remark that made to my statements that ‘Golf is a Metaphor of Life’. 

As you can see, I have been hanging out with a bunch of people from Seattle and/or San Francisco, but that is OK.  They are correct.  And that brings me to my point.

Different people see golf differently.  Some see golf as a sport and some see it only as a game.   There are the few who don’t see golf as anything at all, which is usually due to them being too stretched out hugging a tree or blinded to anything that requires them to leave the video games they play. There are the few golfers who don’t think it is worth talking golf seriously because they are not interested in learning the skills it takes to play the game.  All they want to do is hit the driver as far as they can.  And you have the people who live, breath and if golf was a buffet would be eating it up all of the time.  A very wide range of differences and lots in between.

All of this is OK, because golf is a game that reflects upon real life.  You have a bad day at the office. You can have a bad day on the golf course.  You lie on a report at work…you probably are going to lie about a score on your scorecard.

Then you have the reverse psychology people, where they have outstanding days at the office, but never have a good day on the golf course; or have the up most integrity at work and you couldn’t trust them any further than you could throw them if you play golf with them.

Golf brings out different things in people; the good and the bad.  That is why business golf is so important.  It is for sure you are going to see another side of a person you have never seen when you play golf with them.  Or, at least you are going to see if they are the same as you know them in business.  Let’s hope they are a better person when playing golf.  That is the person you want to do business with…right?

I’ll be out soon explaining more about this issue and explaining to non-golfers the values that develop from playing golf and the values you will review of a person that sitting across from them in a meeting table is not going to furnish. 

Plus much, much more information on the complexity of golf and how it is such an effective business tool.  Stay tuned.  I will be back in a few days to tell you more about where you can get more information on my seminar/workshops.


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