Fussy Ball Golf Club Headcovers: Why They Are Used

True, the fussy ball golf club headcover socks have been around for many years and in the beginning, as they are now, were used mostly for fashion.  You see a lot of the touring professionals on both the ladies and men’s tours using these colorful, yet stylish, covers for their woods.  Yet, most all of these professionals have a club sponsor that has their own style and type of headcover with their logo on it.  You may ask, ‘aren’t these players getting paid to show off the clubs they play?’. 

Well the answer is Yes, but there are a number of exceptions on why these players chose not to put the sponsor’s covers on their clubs.

Some of the reasons are based on superstition or the fuzzy ball covers brought the player luck during a round.

Most are used because the player likes the way they look better than the boxing glove style most of the uninspired club manufacturers have created to cover the Mini Cooper size club heads.

But sometimes these players have chosen the fuzzy ball headcovers for business or legal reasons.  Some players want to play another club for the day, or the season, that is not their sponsor’s brand.  In order to do this they cover the club with a neutral cover so not to advertise the club that is not their sponsor’s brand.

None the less, the Fussy Ball headcovers used today are much more stylish and colorful than the ones used years ago.   And finding these covers can be difficult to say the least. 

Seems the internet is the only resource golfers who are interested in getting some covers for their woods can go to find them.

There is one company I like that provides a quality cover. Parfect Golf Covers.com

Check them out… I know you will like them…


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