Equipment vs Talent: Does Phil really need Callaway

I was viewing the Golf Channel the other night and they were showing Phil playing the US Open when he was with Titleist.  It must have been 2004.

In watching Lefty during that round and the way he controlled his driver and irons it makes wonder why the pros change from such quality equipment to experimental lines of clubs.

Now I know their skill level and their talent they could break par with a Dr Pepper Bottle on a stick.  Their level of play is more of a feel than mechanics.  And that brings me to one point.  Since I changed to Titleist about 5 years ago I have dropped from a 28 handicap to a 10.  I know that doesn’t seem to be such a great accomplishment and I probably could have gone lower, but the facts of life start creeping in after you hit fifty and you have face the piper when it comes to being able to play much more golf a week than I do.  But the point I want to make here is if Titleist made so much of a difference in my game I can only assume that those pros that move from that higher level of quality to others are doing so just for the money.  Which brings me to the second point.  Isn’t a little risky to move to an inferior piece of equipment just for the money you get to change?  It doesn’t make much sense to change if you are not going to maintain the high level of play that the quality clubs took you to.  I think the move was a big risk on Phil’s part and I think Tiger is still struggling to get Nike to build clubs that don’t break down. 

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