Creating a Great Site: I ask this question a lot

Sometimes, or should I say, all of the time I ask my self, how did they do that?  I am sure you do the same when you see something you like and it interests you.  Sometimes you would like to do the same thing.

In the case with web-sites and blob sites and whatever sites, I often ask people who have a cool site, how did you do that?  Sometimes I simply the questions to a specific line or section of a web-site and ask if they would show me how they did that.

And that question usually leads to quickly realize that there are a lot of things that are, and probably will remain so, over my head. 

But I am not stupid, I have gotten this far stumbling around and reading one liners here and there.  I even know how to cut and paste source code into my Blogger site.  Yaw, whoopee right.  There are people out there working circles around themselves coding and writing up stuff for sites.  And they make it look so simple.  But I know it is not.

But, I keep asking the question in hopes someone will build a site that will answer my questions, one at a time.  Like a simple tutorial site for people who want to know how to tweak their WordPress site. 

Who knows, there probably is one other there, I just have not asked enough people the question.  So I will continue on and one day I will get an answer,


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