Online Golf Groups: Where are all the Golfers?

Golf, it is a great game and enough has been said and written about how great a social tool it can be.  Anyone who has every strapped on a pair of spikes and set foot on a golf course has a story to tell.  Every golfer who runs into another golfer has something in common and the conversation can start anywhere from, where do you play? To what is your handicap?  What a great game.  Unlike teams sports where the professionals are fenced off from the fans being able to play with them, in golf you can tee it up with the professionals.  No other sport is like it.


So, where are all of these golfers and where are all of the stories and jokes golfers tell?  There are over a dozen online golf group sites who claim to have a large number of members, but when you go to them there is nobody talking.  Now being a golf I can tell you (if you haven’t been able to tell by now) I have got a lot to say.  And I have a lot to say about anything if you want to try me.  I may not know a thing about what you are talking about, but I will make an all out effort to put together a few dozen words that will tell you exactly how much I do not know about what it is your are talking about.  But for golf, come on, there should be a story for every golfer and enough stories to take a week to read just a days worth of stories.


Come on golfers, men and women, old and young, get online, get to know other people allover the world who play golf and find out what is cooking and what is not, who has the yeps and who is on fire, where to play and where to not play.


Just get involved so all of us can share what it is we know…Golf, what a great game…


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