Fred Couples: Steady Freddy

OK, it is no news that everyone who knows me knows that Fred is the man.  And here he is again swaggering around in the shadows of the leaders, pushing them to make a mistake so he can boom a shot into the green tap it in for a birdie, and the hitch up his britches like Arnie use to do and head to the next tee to cause havoc for those scoreboard keepers trying to find the red four to post after his next shot…

It seems every time I look to the first round play list for a tournament that Fred is playing and there he is just inches below the leaders.  And for a man who is dealing with as much physical pain I just have to admire his ability to stay at the top. Just image what a well healed Freddy could do to the world rankings.

It seems Fred is turning the clock back to the way he use to play.  And that is good news for golf.  Golf needs to have someone who carries himself so calmly.  Someone you don’t have to worry that he is going to come unglued over missing a three foot putt or spraying a drive into the woods…

Village fans are going to have a treat this week watching Steady Freddy.


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