last digit missing: the real reason for typing in all lowercase

I am getting more and more emails and seeing so many people list their names on their online group’s business profiles all in lowercase. I would like to understand why. I am placing this issue in the same category with the issue for not placing a legitimate photo on their profile. But before I go off assume that there is a tremendous lack of respect amongst a growing group of people for the English language and for humanity entirely, I would like to gain knowledge on why they think they need to type everything in all lowercase.

Is it out of laziness to use all fingers when you type? Is it because you cannot use the keyboard that is on your Blackberry? Or, are you one of the millions of people texting with their cellphones and you filed out your profile while you were driving in rush hour traffic.

What about the emails I am getting? If it was just one and it was just a sentence or two, I would suspect that someone was trying to be efficient and Blackberry me, not knowing that there is a shift key (and a setting) to use to capitalize (at least) the first letter in every sentence.

Or is it that the human species is starting its evaluation change and there are people out there who type with one finger who have lost their small digit on each hand keeping them from hitting the shift key?

Whatever, it is, come on, hit the shift key and cap that first letter in every sentence so I can speed read these thesis’s that people are sending me on why I need a penal enlargement.

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