Golf Style: What Year Is it Anyway?

‘I love golf! I don’t know how to play, I just love the clothes”. Have you heard anyone say this lately? I have and it is getting a little disturbing since the people who are saying this are now heading to the golf course solely to be around other people who are there for the clothes, not the golf.

For a golfer, this can be dangerous. Why, well have you seen how tight the shirts are for the guys? They don’t come in sizes anymore they come with PSI ratings. And stretchy! A friend of mind is getting about five yards extra out of every shot just from the recoil from the shirt he was wearing. He is thinking of going to a higher PSI so he can get another yard or two from exhaling.

Most of the ‘I love the clothes’ remarks come from the ladies… And I am not sure why. Is it the colors are the very short shorts? I think it is the shoes.

A few years ago I hosted a golf school out in
Las Vegas and two business associates join the school so they could get started playing golf since they heard golf courses were a great place to meet guys. That is another story, but their main interest of golf (outside of meeting guys) was the shoes and accessories. Now these ladies were beginner golfers and had never hit a golf ball their entire life. They took the list of items I told them they would need for the golf school to their local golf pro shop. They showed the Pro the list of things I told them they needed and he took them all over the store to get what they needed. When the ladies got to the shoe department that was the end of the journey. They bought two pair of shoes each. As they were loading up all of their goodies the Pro at the store told them that if they really wanted to fit into the golf arena they should consider stopping by Celebration of Golf in
Las Vegas. When they found out what they had to offer they booked their flight into
Las Vegas a day early so they could stop by there.

Cutting to the chase, when they showed up for the golf school they looked like they were coming to play in the LPGA. Now this was a three day golf school and they came dressed in a different outfit each day. And after three days of golf school they finally were able to hit a golf ball about 20 yards. But, Man, did they look good when that happened.

I am not sure if golf can afford attracting the fashion conscious combined with the spring loaded golf shirts. I don’t think standing behind the ball when one of these golfers tees it up is even a safe place to be..

Scot Duke

PresidentInnovative Business Golf Solutions, LLC.

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