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I have been reading most of the threads on this site for a while to evaluate its worthiness to me and my clients who have hired me to find where the best places online should they invest their time in.

My evaluation of this site is out on my blog site so I will leave that for you to read for yourself.

The reason I am writing is to provide the members of this site, all alleged CEO’s (the leaders of business and people), some insight into a few things that every business is challenged with that if not gotten under control will make spending time here on this site worth nothing. And, this could explain why there is only an average of one interesting post to this particular site per month.

So here goes for those of you still with me and are really looking for help solving you greatest business challenges.

There are a number of challenges businesses face but the top five pretty much are what you are dealing with right now.

The fifth is Trust, you don’t trust anyone, your customers and employees don’t trust you.

The fourth is the evaporating market. You re getting competition from everywhere the market is saturated with copy cat businesses that thrive on not being unique leaving businesses that are trying to change the market sitting on this site trying to find a solution.

The third is the fear of NOT getting an ROI. The catch word of the 21st century. The generation X and the baby boomers demand for quick gratification on every investment of every dollar. The business colleges are pumping out MBA’s that focuses on this mentality.

The second is raising costs. Yes, the CFO’s and COO’s of the world rational for everything they can’t do is based on rising costs. The headlines are full of CEO’s and top executives changing to other company’s, why? They failed to find a way to control costs.

Then the number one and the first challenge that comes out of every CEO’s mouth that has to stand up in front of his stockholders on why their ROI is not higher is due to ……Falling Profits.

OK, I stated the problems, what is the solution. If you look at these there is one that if solved will make the others disappear. And that one is not the one you probably would pick. It is Trust.

The lack of trust or care from you customers to be loyal to whatever it is you are in business to provide is the cause of all of these woes. OK, what is the solution to improving trust?

First of all there are very few things you can to improve trust because you have to build trust. And to build trust you have to get personally involved. Trust does not come in a letter, a post on this site or an email. Trusts come from looking someone in the eye and finding out what they are needing so you can provide it. You will not solve the trust problem unless you take a personal approach. You do this and you can start securing your customer base.

Hey, I have 20 thousand customers how I get to all of them personally. You tape into that other important resource you need to secure…your employees. Everyone who works for you should be able to represent your business like you sales people. And if treated right they probably would kick your sales department’s ass.

OK, how do you do this? People there is one business tool that if used correctly would create an interest amongst your customers to want to stay doing business with you much longer and will keep you from having to keeping from training new employees because your employee base is not about to leave due to them being now loyal to your company.

The answer is not what you suspect and, s not something a traditional consultant will say is viable because they usually do not know how to use it correctly. The one method that goes about solving trusts is generally presumed to not be cost effective, due again because most people do not know how to use it correctly. But it works and if you got your entire company involved using it you would be out here posting your ass off because you now have time and reason to tell other people in leaderships rolls what worked for you. Just like I am doing.

What is it that solved all of these problems? Business Golf

OK, click away if you may, but I have gotten it to work and it will improve business. And the way I go about telling you how to do it is not like how you are using it today, if you are.

Anyway. Business Golf will bring in more business, keep employees and customers happen and make more people want to do real business with you.

Think about. What have you got to lose? A few pounds around the waste and a few ulcers from worrying about what to do?

Come on, I’ll see you on the first tee.


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