MLM’s: The Coffin Nails for Networking Groups

I am asked frequently by the leaders of Network Groups on my take on MLM’s and their worthiness as legitimate businesses and if they should allow them into their networking groups.

Since I just saw another networking group go under because the MLM’s running off the businesses that represent the mainstream of the local economy, I thought I would provide my thoughts on this issue

Bottomline, they suck. They suck the life out of the people who get involved, the people who get involved suck the life out of the people they touch and the products they sell suck the life out of your wallet.

When they join a network group their only worthiness to the group is to find someway to suck every lead each member has in their database. In some cases they will even hack a member’s web-site to suck the leads from their site.

Now, the MLM’s come into a networking group asking for input on how they can legitimatize their business that sucks and ask for input on how to improve their presentation that sucks. When you fall for that, as most good business people will since they want to help, then they sucker you into pulling together a group so they can present their presentation that sucks to your friends, sucking the life out of your business image. So, MLM’s pretty much suck.

I am not sure I can remember how many different fruit drinks with magic ingredients added there are out there, or even the other products and services the MLM’s hit you with.

How can I say all of this? Well, I got sucked into AMWAY many years ago and after the leaders of the MLM’s all got prison sentences for starting a pyramid scam, I figured it was time to distance myself from ever being involved in MLM’s.

Now, the MLM’s are clocked and furnish more information on how legitimate they are than on the value of their product. Since over 85% of America have been hit on or joined in and dropped out of the MLM, I can bet that most of you know what I am talking about and probably agree.

On the positive side, there are some very good people who get involved with these cloaked scams. And, if they were to direct their energy towards building a legitimate business that makes a difference and improves the economy I know the business world would really benefit.

Most of the time the people who get into these MLM’s and stick with it are bound and determined to make it work. They also are usually individuals who find it very, very hard working for someone else and can get upset when someone like me quickly uses process management evaluation of their business to show how much money they would have made working for someone else in the time they took pitching me on the worthiness of their business and product.

The good news is I have been able to convince a few to run, not walk, away from their venture before finding the IRS knocking on their door. And the once that walked usually pass me running explaining that they are having to now work three jobs to pay the tax man…

My suggestion to people who just have to be part of these MLM’s for whatever reason and want to know my thoughts on how to make what they do legit, all I can say is… Open a Store front, put your products on the shelf and join in with all of their other retailers in the world. That way you are no longer a MLM, you are a retailer with franchise opportunities…

So what is wrong with MLM’s? Don’t take my word; take a look at a site that is dedicated to proving this point.

Scot Duke


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