When Is Time Worth Saving!

Lets start the New Year off with this though… I am going to make better use of my time and I am going to require anyone I do business with to do the same…

Now what does this exactly mean and how the heck does this effect you?

Well, it is obvious by this statement that it means that I am going to respect others time and expect anyone I do business with to respect my time…

So you say, OK, but what does this have to do with you…

Well, if you are in business you are out to make money and, yes, if you are going to business with me you are going to have to respect my time before I spend any money.

Perfect economic sense, Right?

But back to why I made the New Years statement.

Lets say you made an appointment with me at 1PM. There is nothing in the way of making the 1PM appointment but you show up at 1:15PM.

What was the reason? No reason, ‘that’s just the way I am’…If your rationale for showing up 15 minutes after the appointment time is ‘nobody takes the appointment time seriously, why should I?’ Or, ‘it is acceptable to be 15 minutes late’ you probably have adapted this from someone else who has that attitude.

Sounds crazy to me that anyone would set an appointment and then be late to the appointment because ‘ nobody expected me to be there on time’.

Again, if you are in business you probably have run into at least one of these people who were raised on the attitude ‘to do what they want and make others do it on your time’. Yes, I said raised on this attitude because I have met a few of the parents of the people I am dealing with in the business world today and they came from the 60’s when ‘time is all relevant, man!’.

Hopefully you agree. I am sure you have had to deal with this type of attitude more frequently that you want to. If you are in business, the time you spend doing business is precious.

I would say that if you take your time seriously then you are wanting to become successful and those are the people I want to do business with.

But how do you deal with the person who is chronic tardiness.? As I mention in my book, How To Play Business Golf, you have to understand how the problem is created before you can find the solutions.

It is not just engineers who understand that statement of understanding the problem before it can be solved, golfers deal with this statement after almost every shot they take…

The same goes for business people who make appointment with prospective clients or employees and they show up late. So why do they do this???

It is one of two things that cause this behavior. The first deals with lack of respect of TIME and its importance. The other deals with people who lack of respect for others and their time.

Some people literally think there is an unlimited amount of time to spend during a work day. And if they are not working until midnight then they will be look upon by their superiors as not being committed and not worthy of their position and that big salary…

These unfortunate people usually are working for a company or a boss that sees no need in managing time because if his employees do not do what he wants when he wants he gets rid of them and hires someone else he can misuse.. Sound familiar?

Yes, there are still a few businesses out there who do not understand the concept of time and how to manage it. There is absolutely no reason why any business cannot manage their time. And as soon as more businesses take control of their time by demanding their clients and employees respect the business’ time the sooner the business world will start to produce more.

So, back to my original statement…it boils down to this. I will not do business with someone who does not respect my time, and I hope you will consider doing the same. Because if I do business with you and we respect each others time then we probably will want to do more business because it does not waste either of our limited time…

Think about it and I will get back to you on this



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